About Us
For Clinical Trials in India, we offer site management services, project management and patient recruitment strategies. Along with our innovative approaches, creative problem solving, and dedicated professionals, GDDExperts’ transparency in operations is a key factor in building quality and trust with our clients. Our robust information delivery system allows us to provide clients with on-demand access to critical data.

GDD Team

  • Highly experienced and responsive
  • 5-25 years experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, including long term cohesiveness of the management team
  • Integrated operations with staff in both the US and India using the same processes, software/applications, and quality standards
  • Experience with all phases of clinical trials (Phase I -IV) across multiple therapeutic areas, in both paper and EDC environments
  • Impeccable track record for delivery on time and with quality

GDD Strengths 

  • Speed of Execution: Flat structure and global locations, allows around-the-clock execution of priority activities
  • Flexibility: Ability to adapt internal processes to ensure timely execution of sponsor’s requirements
  • Expedited Timelines based on:
    • Expedited site initiations
    • Rapid enrollment
    • Efficient on-site monitoring
    • Quick query resolution
  • Financial Advantage: Project specific efficiencies significantly reduce overall budgets
  • Key Therapeutic Area Knowledge and expertise via strong training programmes
  • Quality: Activities conform to DCG(I), EMA, FDA requirements
  • Data entry: Highly experienced and responsive team with experience across all study phases, offering high quality and timely EDC entry ensures cost effective management
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